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KYIV, December 23, 2014 (UBO) Concorde Cash delivers additional on Mondays trading in its everyday market remark: Ukrainian shares remained in restoration method on Saturday, Dec. 22. The WIG Ukraine Listing of Warsaw-traded futures elevated 1.0%, (visit site) or 8.9% in four straight beneficial sessions. Its biggest element, feed trader and sunflower oil creator Kernel (KER PW), rose 3.4PERCENT, or 16.5% in four-straight winning consultations. KDM Transport (KDM PW) stepped 10.0%, or 26.4% in three right damaging sessions, to its cheapest value since its visite site August 2012 IPO. Character (PW) plummeted 7.4%. In London, Regal (RPT LN) lowered 6.3 PERCENT to its cheapest price since its June 2002 IPO. Egg manufacturer Avangardco (AVGR LI) slid 21.7% in two consultations, or 2.1PERCENT, to its lowest cost since its 2010 IPO.

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