Panasonic Sorts Company To Supervise Gigafactory Expenditure −

The new company is called the Panasonic Energy Corporation of America, and it will be based out of Sparks, Nevada, with an initial investment of $5 million (separate from the actual Gigafactory investment itself). Together, the two companies hope to corner the EV battery market with their massive battery factory, and theyve already signed a $7 billion battery deal to keep Tesla production going. However, companies such as LG Chem and even Apple iPhone manufacturer Foxconn also intend to get into this growing market. Analysts have said that thanks to Chinas recent round of EV incentives, the battery market is primed to explodebut not for a few more years yet.This is why Panasonic plans a gradual investment, expanding the Gigafactorys production capacity as the market grows. But what will happen if Tesla is on target withthe Tesla Model III ? How quickly will demand for an affordable Tesla grow? Even the Model X, twice delayed for a year, has over 20,000 reservations , and they just keep rolling in at a faster and faster pace: The biggest bottleneck to Tesla growth has been battery supply. Like the article? Please share on your social network.

Secret Stock Promo | Your Path to Penny Stock Riches

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India sets up Japan Plus investment team to speed up proposals - The Economic Times

Japan is the fourth-biggest foreign investor in India, contributing about 8% to total foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows. Japan accounted for $1.7 billion of FDI in the 2013-14 fiscal, and $16.2 billion between 2000 and 2014. It has invested $4.5 billion in the first stage of the Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor with 26% equity. It is also working closely with the government for the development of other industrial corridors. In June, Tokyo sought government intervention to clear policy related hurdles to the operations of Japanese companies in the country, besides fast-tracking of some projects. The mandate of the Japan Plus team runs through the entire spectrum of investment promotion, research, outreach, promotion, facilitation and aftercare. The team will also be responsible for providing updated information on investment opportunities across sectors, in specific projects and in industrial corridors in particular. "In addition, the Japan Plus team will identify prospective Japanese companies, including, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and facilitate their investments in India," the government said.

Financial Standard - LGS rejects coal, tar sands

"Nuclear energy is currently the only proven alternative to fossil fuels that provides baseload power capacity, so outright exclusion of nuclear energy directly conflicts with our view on the importance of reducing our reliance on high carbon energy sources," he said. However, he said LGS had "beefed up" its ESG screening of nuclear power companies, and only 18 stocks would be investable worldwide. When asked why LGS had not also excluded oil and natural gas in the screen, he said: "We're not beating our chests about it. The world needs energy. Developing countries will need energy sources. Whilst we possibly would prefer that it's all renewable, that's not practical." He also said the decision to limit the coal screen to more than one third of total revenue was a practical measure. "There are some big companies that have coal in their portfolios." Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton will both remain in LGS' investable universe.