Report Harz Mountains 08-2014

Whilst The Harz excursion earlier in the year was most enjoyable we went for seconds by the end of September, in regards to a week prior to the period there shut. The weather was not precisely in line with even a complete night and day and the predictions with mornings that are fairly neat of continuous water. Stillfishing was pretty good and that I also was able to get the season's biggest trout in this site that is less unknown for your many brown trout that is tiny. The downside to this journey of six times was that I could merely fish four days as a result of joint problems but I nevertheless considered the trip as highly succsesfull. Still no black and orange firesalamanders to be noticed but hope springs eternal...

Fishing Statement Norfolk Canyon 9/5 trolling and serious decline

I fished Norfolk Canyon nowadays, wonderful water-but nobody was house for me on the troll. So I try a number of heavy shed drifts and caught some black abdomen flower fish and also this fish that I can not determine. ?? Attached Thumbnails

Good Data Back Bay NWR Evening Surf Fishing

other phrases stay precisely the same, as does the permit cost of $35. One-person - one allow.

Question Best Fish Person/GPS mix for under 2000.00

If all goes as planned, we will be buying a fresh boat this winter. Ive started considering electronics, and its really frustrating.