What Automobile Was The Adam Batmobile Based Down?

What Car Was the Adam West Batmobile Based Off? Feature Batmobile Hollywood CarBuzz Trivia History You’ll have to crack open the history books for this one. The Internet is abuzz after it was announced the first official batmobile ever made had been rediscovered after decades in the wilderness. http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/12/24/What-Car-Was-the-Adam-West-Batmobile-Based-Off-7724189/

Porsche Denies Plans to Produce Panamera EV/Tesla Model S Fighter

“We are a sports car firm, and that brings with it certain expectations," Hatz explained. "A Tesla is a fine car, but you cannot drive it enthusiastically without losing range or performance too quickly. http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/12/24/Porsche-Denies-Plans-to-Produce-Panamera-EV-Tesla-Model-S-Fighter-7724458/

Own This One-Off 1978 Corvette Complete With Turbine Engine

With more and more dash cam footage being uploaded to YouTube every year, it gets harder and harder to make a compilation of only the best road rage incidents from the past year. That’s why we’re bringing you a two-part compilation this year, with the second part coming before the end of the year. As always, much of the footage comes from Russia, and some of it features the use of terrifying weapons, like the guy who pulls out a hatchet. It’s all just as crazy as you’d expect/hope, and we can promise you that part two will be more of the same. Loved The Video? http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/12/24/Let-s-Bid-Farewell-to-2014-With-the-Year-s-Best-Of-Road-Rage-Compilation-7724419/

Let's Bid Farewell to 2014 With the Year's Best Of Road Rage Compilation

Its creator claims it can make that run in just 2.5 seconds. And yes, this thing is fully street legal. In order to make that happen, Granatelli had to fabricate a new subframe, reinforce the driveshaft, and add a reduction gearbox to bring the engine’s 37,500 rpm to 6,230 rpm. In addition, the whole car had to be rewired in order to handle a flight-age instrument panel. The brakes were swapped out in favor of NASCAR–spec discs, and new fuel lines and a muffler system were put in place. It’s basically a C3 Corvette with a jet engine. http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2014/12/24/Own-This-One-Off-1978-Corvette-Complete-With-Turbine-Engine-7724463/